Kit BMS 12 volt


All that is needed for a 12 volt installation: BMS, the LED panel, the shunt, the monitor and all the connection cables


The kit includes the BMS, the LED panel, the shunt, the monitor and all the connection cables

  • TAO BMS is the base system to protect and manage a 12 volt battery (four lithium cells)
    It comes fully assembled and configured for a standard installation.  It just needs to be connected to the cells.

    • main unit in a 160 x 114 x 46 cm enclosure with:
      • battery wire harness (four cell connectors, a fuse for each cell connection, and a ground)
      • six relay outputs
      • one connector for the remote indicator panel
      • one connector for a current measuring shunt
      • one connector for the computer or the TAO Monitor option
    • remote LED panel (with 10 metres cable)
    • USB cable to connect a PC
    • PC application BMSconfig to configure the BMS, monitor cell status and run diagnostics (Windows or Mac) can be downloaded from the website
  • TAO Shunt is the shunt resistor to measure current in and out of the battery:
    • current range: +/- 250 Amps
    • current measure gain: 25 to 200 automatically adjusted by the BMS
    • smallest current detected: 1 mA
    • supplied with a 1.5 meter cable to connect to the BMS


  • TAO  Monitor is a 3.5″ touchscreen (with 10 metres extension cable):
    • integrated uninterruptible power supply
    • battery and cells measures
    • records lifetime history of all measures
    • records lifetime history of all events
    • WiFi to connect with other devices (phone, computer, tablet) – no App to download
    • Internet connection via WiFi
    • remote Cloud access when connected to Internet
    • CANbus connectivity


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