BMS Overview


The TAO Performance BMS is a Battery & Energy Management System that protects and optimises lithium batteries up to 48 volts.


It is designed for any type of off-grid installation: remote site, sailing vessel, mobile home, technical site…

It’s main components are:

  • TBMS.master:    base system with remote control panel to protect the battery cells 
  • TBMS.monitor:   remote display for enhanced management features and cloud connection 
  • TBMS.slave:       BMS extensions for batteries above 12 volts (up to 48 volts)
  • TBMS.config:     PC based application to configure, monitor and diagnose the system

The TAO Performance BMS is unique on the market by the level of protection it provides, its versatility, its ease of installation and the level of information it provides.

What makes TAO Performance BMS unique?

The questions you need to ask yourself

A BMS is part of a chain of components that protect your battery and your installation.  The chain is made of sensors, cables, connections, relays, chargers, converters, regulators, generators….

How can you be assured that all these components are properly connected, configured and operational to protect you in case of equipment breakdown or human error? 


TAO Performance BMS has hourly checks of it’s internal elements.  A test mode gives you the ability to validate proper configuration and operations of the all components in the chain.

Yes, for example:

  • having the battery charged between 80% and 100% SOC does not warrant an alarm… but if it is kept at that level most of the time it will reduce battery life.
  • a battery cells temperature above 30°C is not a major issue, but if it happens too often the battery life will be reduced.

TAO Performance BMS makes you aware of trends that will reduce battery life over time.  It can even initiate actions to correct those situations.

Even if they are from the same manufacturing batch, lithium cells do not have exactly the same characteristics.  In addition the way they are connected may affect their level of stress.  For example if a cell connection is slightly loose or dirty, high current will generate heat and the cell will age faster that others.


TAO Performance BMS measures differential voltage and temperature across cells and warning levels can be set.  It also measures the internal resistance of each cell.

You may want to turn on a water heater when the battery is nearly full or when the solar panels are at their maximum output.  Unfortunately most BMS do not “Manage” energy – they just protect the battery in case of extreme situation…  The management is left to the user!  You need to check voltage, current and State of Charge to decide if you manually turn on the water heater.  And if you forget or are out… you are good for a cold shower in the evening!

TAO Performance BMS lets you set criteria to activate up to six external equipment.  For example:

  • start the water heater when the battery State of Charge reaches 80% and stop it when it gets below 50%
  • start a generator when a cell voltage is less than 3.175 volt and stop it when that voltage gets above 3.500 volt
  • turn on a fan or cooling system in the battery compartment if a cell temperature is above 35°C and turn it off when it gets down to 27°C