Features: TAO Monitor

TAO Monitor is a 3.5″ touchscreen that extends the features of the TAO BMS:

  • display battery and cell measures + state of relays outputs
  • display historical measures and events log
  • access to all BMS data and functions via WiFi (access point or station)
  • graph and analysis tool to exploit measure and log history
  • view live and historical data on Internet for the full life of the system (Cloud)
  • CAN interface to command external equipment (standard and custom sentences)
  • integrated UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) function with external battery (supplied)
Battery measures
  • battery voltage and temperature
  • current in and out of the battery (A / W)
  • state of charge (%, Ah used / Ah left)
  • state of health (% / actual capacity / internal resistance)
  • number of charge cycles
  • relays output state
  • last event
Cell measures
  • cells voltage and range
  • cells temperature and range
  • cells resistance and range
  • battery total internal resistance
  • battery average voltage and temperature
Measures history
  • all battery and cells measures are recorded
  • display the last 30 days of history
  • full lifetime measure history can be displayed and analysed with a browser (phone, tablet or PC connected by WiFi)
Events history
  • battery, BMS and monitor events are recorded:
    • BMS power-up, diagnostics fault…
    • monitor power-up, connection to BMS, backup battery, shutdown…
    • balancing activity
    • relay outputs change of state
    • SOC reset
    • triggers change of state (in and out of defined ranges)
    • cell resistance update
    • CAN status
  • last 100 events on the monitor
  • lifetime events history and analysis on connected device (phone, tablet, PC)
WiFi access to all measures and BMS functions
  • any device with a browser can connect to the BMS (no need to download an App)
  • battery and cells measures
  • set all BMS parameters, ranges and triggers
  • diagnostics and simulations
  • connects to existing WiFi network or creates it’s own access point and WiFi network
Measures and events history analysis (local and Internet Cloud access)
  • access data on local WiFi or remotely via Internet* (* the monitor must be connected to a WiFi network with Internet connection)
    • live battery and cells measures
    • historical data and events log
  • standard graphs
  • flexible analysis capabilities to suit a wide array of needs
Flexible CAN interface
  • CAN standard J1939
  • fully configurable CAN messages to connect to most CAN enabled equipment
  • sends battery voltage, temperature, state of charge, state of health…
  • sends charge and discharge parameters based on trigger state (voltage, temperature or SOC range)

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