Features: TAO BMS

TAO BMS protects and manages lithium batteries from 12 to 48 volt

It comes fully assembled and configured for a standard installation.  It just needs to be connected to the cells.


  • protects & manages batteries from 12 to 48 volt**
  • no upper limit in cell capacity
  • all lithium chemistry from 2 to 5 volt per cell
  • only 5 wires to connect to the battery cells and the BMS is operational
  • all connections to the battery are protected with a fuse
  • PC and Mac application to configure the BMS, monitor the battery / cells and run diagnostics / simulations
Dynamic differential cell balancing
  • keeps cells voltage within a user defined voltage range at all time
  • activated by a user defined voltage difference between cells (either measured voltage or open circuit voltage*)
  • simultaneously discharges the cell with the highest voltage and charges the cell with the lowest voltage
  • high efficiency energy transfer without any heat dissipation
  • a total of 4 Amps balancing current
  • battery voltage, current, temperature and internal resistance
  • battery state of charge*
  • battery state of health*
  • battery measured capacity*
  • power consumption
  • number of charge cycles*
  • cell voltage, temperature and resistance
20 custom voltage, temperature and SOC ranges (triggers)
  • each range is fully programmable:
    • minimum or maximum cell / battery measure
    • can be based on differential measure between cells
  • an event is triggered if a measure is outside a defined range
    • can activate one or more relay output
    • can activate one or more led on the control panel
    • a separate value is used to reset the event (hysteresis)
Charge cycle management*
  • set lower and upper limits for state of charge
  • charge is disabled when the upper limit is reached and is enabled when the lower limit is reached
  • full charge programmable at regular intervals
Deported indicator panel
  • green heart beat led for normal operation and balancing status
  • combination of 4 led for warning and alarm events (red / yellow)
  • 8 0dB buzzer with a “silence” push button
  • relay outputs reset button
  • emergency shutdown button to activate selected relay outputs
6 relay outputs
  • relay outputs are “dry” contacts (no voltage / no polarity)
  • each event trigger and the “emergency shutdown” button can activate zero, one or more relay outputs
  • configurable time delay between an event trigger and the activation of relay outputs
  • configurable time delay between relays if more than one relay are activated by one event
  • each relay output is protected and can handle 2 Amps continuous (7 Amps for 0.5 second)
  • each relay output can be set as Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC)
  • compatible with most equipment to control their operation (chargers, converters….)
Diagnostics & simulation
  • comprehensive self-diagnostics performed at startup and every hour
  • cell voltage and temperature simulation mode for system wide testing
    • validate ranges and event trigger settings
    • validate relay output configuration and wiring
    • validate proper operation of equipment controlled by the relay outputs
Factory settings are good to go in most cases
  • 10 preset ranges:
    • warning level for voltage and temperature (high, low, cell differential)
    • alarm (cutoff) level for voltage and temperature (high, low)
  •  3 preset relay outputs:
    • disconnect charge
    • disconnect load
    • isolate battery 
  • the emergency shutdown button activates all the relay outputs in a sequential manner

TAO BMS (12 volt base) includes:
  • main unit in a 160 x 114 x 46 cm enclosure with:
    • battery wire harness (four cell connectors, a fuse for each cell connection, and a ground)
    • six relay outputs 
    • one connector for the remote indicator and control panel
    • one connector for a current measuring shunt
    • one connector for the computer or the TAO Monitor
  • remote indicator and control panel (with a 10 meter cable)
  • USB cord to connect a PC / Mac
  • application BMS Config to program the BMS, monitor cell status and run diagnostics (Windows & Mac)

* requires the “BMS Shunt”
** for batteries above 12 volt, a “BMS Extension” is required for each additional 12 volt

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