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Wakespeed CAN integration

Hi Philippe,

How is integration with the Wakespeed via CAN coming along?, any idea on timeline?


There are two types of CAN integration with Wakespeed:

  • the SMA messaging protocol that is also used by Victron:  Testing and validation will be done next week on a live installation (should be no issues as it already works with Victron)
  • we are working closely with Wakespeed to use the Energy OS protocol and integrate more closely with Wakespeed and other equipment using that protocol (it allows multiple batteries, multiple BMS....).  It is all done and just need to test and debug as needed in collaboration with Wakespeed
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Hi Philippe,

Great news, so in a basic, 1 battery, 1 alternator regulated with a WS500 the full fuctionality and control from the TAOBms exists already with the SMA messaging protocol? or is it "better" to use the upcoming Energy OS protocol?

That would be a question for Wakespeed as it does make any difference on the BMS side.

My understanding is that the WS500 reads the SMA messages and convert them to OS Energy for internal processing (to be confirmed).  If that is the case it will be better to communicate directly with the OS Energy protocol once it is validated