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100% SOC reset may never be reached?

In the SOC tab there is a max current for 100% SOC reset, what if the chargers are putting in more then that, will the SOC never be reset to 100% then, or should I manage my chargers via CAN bus to try to be in that range when batteries are close to full?

You need to set the "100% SOC reset" voltage parameter to match the parameters set on your chargers (bulk / absorption voltage).  The charger starts charging with a constant current (CC) until the battery voltage reaches the set bulk/absorption voltage, then it switches to constant voltage (CV) and the current starts going down... until it is low enough for the battery to be considered full.  You can also use CAN messages to reduce the current in case of unbalance between cells (i.e.reduce charge current when a cell voltage reaches a certain level and therefore slowing the charge that gives time for the balancer do its work before it is considered full)