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Tao BMS report.

Just a note to give confidence to all that are looking at the question of Lithium and the correct BMS to install. My dealings with this company, Tao performance, has been excellent , personal assistance with all questions answered by return .Their knowledge base on all matters re Lithium and the essential monitoring they need ,left us in no doubt we needed their system. Now fully installed we leave our vessel for long periods of time with complete confidence.Their new monitoring with the cloud access that has just come available is now on order so we can remotely monitor at our leisure. Undoubtedly the best battery monitoring system on the market.Thank you Tao Team.

Thank you @off2c for your support and feedback.


I can concur with @off2c. I am a LiFePO4 batteries user since more than 5 years and follow closely the evolution on this subject in the marine field. I regularly compare systems from the different manufacturers and, although my own concept is somewhat different (primary, secondary protection, SOC, monitoring . . . in modules totally independent from each other), I believe that TAO’s is the best on the market at the moment.