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Adjusting TAO battery monitor for double the battery size


We have the Tao monitor linked with a 1000 ah battery but when setting up the battery monitor the the size of 500 ah was loaded instead. Will all the details such as SOC and SOH be in error and if so is there a way of indicating to the battery monitor that it is linked with a battery bank of 1000 ah instead of 500 ah. 

Second question is that when I hit the charge profile menu tab on the monitor it comes up with a error message.... error loading charge profiles: [error 2] no such file....etc  

thanks in advance,


Hi Darren,

Yes, if the battery capacity is not set properly the SOC will be wrong.  Under the menu option Configuration -> BMS parameters you can set the nominal battery capacity (SOC tab).

After that has been saved in the BMS, select the menu option Configuration -> BMS adjustments and select the option to Reset calculated battery capacity

I will have a look into the other problem regarding the error loading charge profiles and get back to you shortly.


Regarding the error message displayed on the monitor when selecting the charge profiles menu option: "Error loading charge profiles:....".

This error happens because no charge profiles have been created.  Just use the web application and select the option Configuration -> Charge profiles to create some charge profiles and save them.  That will create the missing file and all should be fine.  Let me know if that is not the case.