My wife and I have been living on our boat for over 10 years.  It is by necessity that, 5 years ago,  I started the development of what is now the TAO BMS as I could not find an appropriate solution to manage and protect my lithium battery bank.

I have been educated in France as an engineer both in mechanics (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers) and electronics (Supelec).  I was 50 when we decided to change life and we purchased our first sailing mono-hull (Hibiscus).  In 2015 we purchased a Nautitech 44 catamaran (TAO), which has been our house (and workshop) since.  

For the last two years, at the request of navigator friends, I have worked full time to migrate the BMS into a commercial product.  This is now complete and the TAO BMS is available for sale.  Designed by a sailor and for sailors, It’s features make it the only BMS really suited to the needs of lithium batteries on a boat.

I still do all the development (for the moment).  The electronic boards are manufactured in China while the assembly and testing is done in New Zealand were we would like to settle. 

TAO BMS has been designed with the end user in mind (for example, monitoring your battery state remotely when your boat is in storage on the other side of the world…).  With only five wires to connect to the battery, it is very easy to install… and you can forget about it.  It monitors your battery and warns you of any abnormal situation (but it can do much more depending on your installation!).

TAO BMS has also a lot of built in flexibility to integrate with most electrical equipment on board and adapt to your way of managing energy.  Although the factory defaults are a good start, you can make TAO BMS fully support your own strategy in terms of safety, automation and efficiency for your electrical installation.

We welcome any new idea to improve TAO BMS and make it even more suited to the sailing community (please use the forum to share such request).

Happy sailing