Firmware – TAO BMS

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  • Version 1.23
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  • Create Date 25/08/2020
  • Last Updated 14/09/2021

Firmware - TAO BMS

Firmware for the TAO BMS master unit - refer to the user manual for the firmware update procedure.

05/09/2021 - v1.23: add emergency flag to avaoid relay reset by triggers, allow simulation balancing of single cell

14/08/2021 - v1.22: accept cell voltage measure only between 2 V and 5 V

06/08/2021 - v1.21: fix bug in battery efficiency calculation, use the "battery full" parameters in Charge Cycle Management when SOC max is 100% or a full charge is required

05/07/2021 - v1.18: add parameter for minimum cell voltage to enable balance (use BMSconfig v1.08 or above to edit that parameter)

v1.17: tidy up and minor bug fixes

v1.14: add features to match new monitor functionality (mainly events logging)

v1.12: improved internal resistance calculation, cell voltage must be above 3.3V to enable balance, minor bug fixes

v1.09: disable cell balancing when cell voltage is too low to ensure that cells are only top balanced (no balancing can take place if a cell voltage is under 3.10 volt)

v1.08: add possibility to activate relay output as a default as soon as the BMS is operational