1. Really a nice footage. Very focused.
    I’m eager to follow you on how to build a sufficient battery box.
    How do you manage the battery compression which is mandatory to ensure a long battery life too?
    In many tests, a pressure of 12psi/8,3N/cm² has proven to be optimal…

    I’m going to build a 48V battery bank out of 310Ah LFP prismatic cells (CATL) and of course your BMS is the best choice for a BMS and suits perfectly all needs one can imagine.

    1. Yes, you do need a battery box or place the cells between compression plates. I do not have much experience or theory on the matter.
      For my battery bank (2P4S) with Winston 300 Ah cells I used two aluminum plates (3 or 4 mm thick) reinforced with corner profiles and linked together with six threaded rods. After 5 years I have not tried to put the bank appart to see the physical state of each cell, but I do not see any deformation of the plates!
      Cell manufacturers should be able to give specifications on how to assemble their cells and if/how to compress them.
      I guess it also depends on the quality of the cells, as some may need room to expand before the internal pressure builds up and the vents let some gas out???

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