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BMS comparison chart

As each manufacturer only puts forward what they think will make you buy their product, it is very difficult to make a comparison based on a set of criteria. You can download a BMS comparison chart with more than 100 criteria grouped in 17 sections. There are currently 4 BMS and more will be added as we get input from manufacturer and users.

There is not one BMS that is better or worse. They are all different, with different characteristics and designed to meet different requirements. We believe that it is our interest that only informed customers buy our product, based on a comprehension of their requirements and with clear expectations.

We have developed that comparison chart based on each manufacturer documentation (web site, specifications, user manuals). We have attempted to be as complete and accurate base on available information and we will be pleased to correct any error if you point them out with a reference to the source of information. We will also be pleased to add more BMS on the chart if you provide us with the data and the source of information.

Please use the forum to point out any error and ask for modifications / additions. We will update the chart accordingly if the proper supporting is provided.

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